What is EIFS?

EIFS is a non-load bearing exterior wall system, typically comprised of three layers. The
inner layer consists of foam insulation board that is fastened to the substrate, either
mechanically or with an adhesive. The middle layer consists of a polymer and cement
basecoat, which is applied to the top of the insulation, then reinforced with glass fiber
mesh. The exterior layer is the finish coat, which gives the wall its stucco appearance.

Home buyers are attracted to EIFS for its aesthetic appeal and, ironically, perceived lack
of maintenance. Architects and builders are attracted to EIFS because it offers almost
limitless design flexibility, and is a competitively priced alternative to conventional
stucco or brick siding. However, EIFS’s greatest appeal is its insulating properties. EIFS
insulation boards can cover the entire exterior wall space of a building, virtually
eliminating any thermal breaks in the insulation barrier. This can reduce air infiltration
and increase energy efficiency.

Typical of a face seal or exterior barrier system, the success of EIFS relies entirely on its
ability to keep air and water out. In fact, before changes were made in a new generation
of EIFS, there were no provisions made for water drainage. This would have been fine if
water never entered the system. However, this has rarely proved to be the case.

Approved Applicators

Tigris Construction employees have undergone extensive training both internally and externally through our EIFS manufacturers. As such, we are certified applicators with the following manufacturers:

Durabond Products Limited
Dryvit Canada – Dryvit
DuROCK Alfacing International
Sto Corp.

Partnering with multiple EIFS suppliers allows us to provide a wide arrange of EIFS systems, products, and stucco textures.